The OE Foundation is 501 (c) (3) non profit organization that uses cutting-edge education technology to transform the lives of children and prepare them for XXI century challenges.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, it employs creative, resourceful, and innovative programs and tools that change academic and workplace performance, and expand possibilities for children in Puerto Rico and in stateside communities with large Puerto Rican and Latinx populations.

Our vision is to make Puerto Rico's children the most educated in the world by providing the best programs platforms, and services to our children, teachers, and communities. The organization's programs are evidence-based and scientifically proven to improve academic achievement, improve the attitude towards schoolwork and toward math and science, and reduce the dropout rate.

Board of Directors

María de los Ángeles Nevárez (President)
K-12 Teacher/Administrator and Former Instructor at Emory and Duke Universities.

Ana Trujillo (Vice President)
Scuba Dogs Society Founder and Environmental Impact Expert.

Alberto Añeses. Esq. (Secretary & Treasurer)
Corporate & Tax Law Expert at Casillas, Santiago & Torres.

Agnes M. Landau
General Manager with over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies in the U.S.


OE FOUNDATION develops strategies to maximize student and educator access to education technology. We are committed to develop and support meaningful learning experiences for all participating students, educators and school administrators, through equitable access to technology and technology literacy.

OE FOUNDATION identifies, selects, and adopts technology-based curricula, multi-faceted best practices, trailblazing skills, attitude modification strategies, and long-term policies geared to foster enhanced technological abilities, while significantly striving to improve the character of students, the quality of the learning process, and their academic achievement.

OE FOUNDATION provides professional development and technical support to educators in order to maximize the use of technology as part of their regular curriculum, and align it with student learning goals. It will also facilitate the implementation of learning projects that generate new opportunities for learning and promote enhanced student achievement.

OE FOUNDATION pursues funding opportunities and strategies to access the best available resources to achieve technology integration in the classroom in school communities. We are committed to providing interactive programs, on-going technical support, and professional development to implement these programs that are specially designed to achieve specific educational goals of all children, including special education, as well as talented students.


The New
Virtual School

The New Virtual School is a dynamic, bilingual, virtual platform that allows educators, schools, and school systems to offer individualized support to students with learning differences or who require special education and to students who already excel academically. Students become engaged, and teachers are supported with the best tools and content to ensure a successful experience in and out of the classroom.

The participants incorporated the platform into their educational work, evidenced by the use made of the platform, among others.

may see a 25%
improvement in their
academic achievement.


The One on One

The One on One Program: Is a successful dropout prevention program that has already impacted 400 children. Among other dramatic outcomes, 93% of participating students stay in school, pass, and graduate. Through mentoring, tutoring, technology, motivation, and evaluation of the One on One Program supports participating students, parents, teachers, and the community to ensure students do not abandon their education. Since the implementation of the program in 2011, school graduation rates have gone up from 52% to an amazing 97% where the project is active.

93% graduation
rate among
participating 8th
graders in 2019


Intensive Treatment
to improve standardized
test results

The Intensive Treatment is aimed at increasing the academic achievement of the student in standardized tests and, in turn, to sensitize the entire community about the importance of education for integral social development. Learn more about how your school can increase its excellence with the support of our Intensive Treatment instructors.

According to two independent studies, schools participating in the Intensive Treatment Program show improvement in standardized tests: The first study showed that 39% of 11th students participating in the Intensive Treatment Program are grouped at the highest levels of achievement.

In a second independent study, the experimental groups with paired samples, show evidence of improvement between pre-test and post-test in all subjects across all grades.

The most exciting math and science competition in the world

Operacionexito.com is an online and live academic tournament where students compete in answering math and science questions in order to win real-life adventures and prizes. Using Operación Exito students put their academic skills to the test while practicing math, science, technology, and engineering. All the content is aligned with STEM careers with the purpose of motivating and expanding the horizons of K-12 students. Operación Exito and its live competitions are a successful and proven strategy to unravel the exciting world of science to all kids.

OE STEM College
Scholarship Program

Since 2009, the OE STEM College Scholarship Program has awarded and managed over 80 individual college scholarships for students from Puerto Rico and 12 countries, including the U.S., Argentina, and Spain. The Foundation currently oversees 41 scholarships to distinguished universities all over Latin America, Spain, and the United States, including the University of California-Berkley, Princeton University, University de Buenos Aires, Tec de Monterrey, and many others. All scholarships are focused on STEM fields. A five-year longitudinal study measuring the impact of student participation in the OE Platform and its educational events on students' college career selection showed that 76% of participating students choose careers in science, math, and engineering.

76% of
students chose careers
in science, math, and engineering.


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  • An astounding 82% of Puerto Rico's school children live in poverty.
  • One out of every four of these children - approximately 70,000 children - have learning difficulties.
    Most have no access to study tools and services.
What can you do?

Due to recent seismic activities in Puerto Rico, thousands of students have been left without school. Worse, it has been announced that 95% of public schools are not up to the current building code and are extremely vulnerable to earthquakes. The children of Puerto Rico are rightfully afraid to return to school. These students have seen all-too-soon in their lives the devastating consequences of two separate natural disasters: the passing of Hurricane Maria and the seismic disturbances that began in 2020. As a result, parents, teachers, and students on the island are looking for alternatives to continue the education process and avoid any further academic delays. Many have turned to homeschool as an option.
The OE Foundation and the New Virtual School were precisely built to attend these new academic challenges.

Here is how:
The New Virtual School is an organized effort to offer parents, teachers, and students an effective alternative to avoid further delays in academic development due to the closing of schools after the earthquake of January 2020.
The New Virtual School is available for all students (K-12) at every academic level including public and private schools as well as special education and homeschooling. Regardless of where they are, whether in shelters, homes, their parents' workplaces, shopping centers, etc., students can resume their academic semester and complete their studies. Through the platform, students can also take tests and receive notes and grades from their teachers. The platform also includes support for parents and teachers through technical assistance offered by Educational Instructors trained in the use of the NEV.
The NEV provides the curriculum content required by the Department of Education for all core subjects, exams, tests and exercises adjusted to the standards. Currently, it can be accessed from any device, whether a cell phone, computer or tablet, in schools in the United States (Philadelphia), Colombia, Dominican Republic and only a few schools in Puerto Rico.

With your support, we can provide hundreds of students with the tools they need to continue their education.
We seek your urgent financial support to offer The New Virtual School (Nueva Escuela Virtual) to all school children and teachers.

How to make the program accessible to all students?

1) Parents can obtain the license and technical advice to use the platform so they can prepare study material for their children and do their homework wherever they are: home, family home, shelter or workplace.

2) Teachers can obtain the license to use the platform and work with their students remotely or in-person. Teachers, parents, and students have on the platform the means to communicate and share information.

3) Educational Instructors are available for advice and technical assistance. These coordinate access to the platform and guide the user on how to access the different sections and select the available material according to the degree of student and his level of proficiency in it.

Your contribution can provide a child or teacher with access to all the necessary learning tools for a month, a semester or a full year.

ONE CHILD: A contribution of $12.50 for one month, $75 for one semester

ONE GROUP OF 30 CHILDREN: $2,250 for one semester


This year please consider contributing to change the lives of these children. Contact OE Foundation at [email protected] or call 787-977-5055.

Our Supporters


The Autonomous Municipality of Ponce in collaboration with the OE-Innovative Technology for Education Foundation (OE-ITE) wishes to implement the One-to-One Psychosocial Intervention Model, in order to meet the needs described and as established by the State Department of Justice plan that includes special attention to minors exposed to abuse and neglect.
Such collaboration includes implementing best practices in mentoring initiatives to meet the needs of minors exposed to a crime environment. The Psychosocial Intervention Model is articulated with direct services to respond to the physical, co-cognitive and emotional needs of minors exposed to violence and abuse and that are established in the objectives of the VOCA Program call, applying a proprietary methodology in a intervention program in various communities of the Municipality of Ponce.


Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute (TI & CTI) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote the healing and healthy development of children, adolescents, and adults who have experienced trauma or loss; and to develop, evaluate, and disseminate effective prevention, assessment and treatment methods. TI & CTI is an international leader in providing effective, well- tolerated efficient, and rapid trauma-focused psychotherapy; training mental health professionals to provide trauma therapy; evaluating post-traumatic stress; and educating allied professionals as well as the public regarding trauma.

Areas of Collaboration:
OE Foundation and TI & CTI agree to work towards collaboratively designing and implementing some of the following activities:
  • Assessments regarding post-traumatic stress in the general population
  • Trauma therapy training programs for mental health professionals, designed to meet the needs of disaster victims
  • Provide trauma education for allied professionals and for the public


United Way of Puerto Rico identifies the needs of local communities and creates strategies that allow individuals and families to experience economic and human success. United Way of Puerto Rico is in collaboration with OE Foundation to engage the ONE on ONE program in eight different communities in the municipality of Ponce, Puerto Rico.


HP Inc Puerto Rico has supported the work that the OE Foundation has been carrying out in social and community transformation projects in the town of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. These initiatives support in a positive way the students of our community leading them to reach their personal goals. We endorse the initiatives of the OE Foundation and recommend this entity.


The Autonomous Municipality of Aguadilla recognizes the work that the Foundation has been carrying out in educational, social and community transformation projects in different communities in Puerto Rico. These initiatives support in a positive way the educational progress of our youth.

We endorse the initiatives of the OE Foundation and recommend this entity for any project.


Piloto 151 is a leader and supporter of the local tech ecosystem. Piloto 151 provides virtual offices, soft landing packages, staffing services and more to help our community grow. Piloto 151 is composed of a community of doers - entrepreneurs, developers, and professionals from multiple industries - and enjoy a beautiful work environment that inspires innovation, creativity and collaboration.

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